Courses on USP Global

USP Global is an initiative of The University of the South Pacific through which programs in areas of particular strength of the University offered online are accessible to a global audience. These comprise a growing number of courses in areas such as Pacific Island Studies, Oceanography and Climate Science.

Courses offered by USP

1. The Regulation of Aviation Law

The University of South Pacific International Commercial Aviation course has been developed for aviation professionals who are currently working in the aviation and associated industries and for students seeking a career in the aviation industry. This course complements the training and educational requirements for pilots, aircraft engineers, air traffic controllers, safety regulators, government employees, commercial managers, airport operators in terms of their workplace duties and associated legal and regulatory responsibilities. Students undertaking aviation-related studies would also benefit from this course as it presents all the areas of the law that impinge upon aviation activities.

2. MOOC on Pacific Islands in a Changing Climate

The USP Global online Masterclass is built specifically for individuals who are eager and enthusiastic to know more about climate science and what is happening in one of the world’s regions most affected by climate change. This course has been updated from the UNESCO e-learning Masterclass run at The University of the South Pacific (USP) for the last two years, with updated content with the context of the recent IPCC Special report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C.

In this course you will learn from leading climate change experts from USP, in particular from its Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (PaCE-SD). From this course, you will study relevant information on different climate change aspects in the Pacific Region such as: climate science, climate change adaptation, and its limitations, governance for climate change and climate change migration. Upon completion you will have a solid introduction to the quality of Climate Change education provided by The University of the South Pacific, the only institution in the Pacific Islands offering TVET and post-graduate education in Climate Change and Resilience

For more information, please visit: USP Global website

3. MOOC on Climate Change and Pacific Islands

In 2015, a working group was instituted at USP to design, develop and deliver USP’s first-ever MOOC. The topic of the MOOC was Climate Change and the working group consisted of staff from PaCE-SD, the School of Engineering and Physics, the School of Education and the Centre for Flexible Learning. The course was titled Climate Change and Pacific Islands and the content focused on the effects of climate change on the Pacific Islands. The course also provided discourse on actions that could mitigate these effects.

4. MOOC on Pacific Studies

USP offered its second MOOC on Pacific Studies in 2016. The MOOC was offered by the Oceania Centre for Arts, Culture and Pacific Studies in the field of Pacific Studies. The course was titled Pacific Studies and had a focus to promote Pacific awareness and cross-cultural competency and disseminate Pacific ideas and frameworks to meet the challenges of the region and globalization.